Become an official sponsor of Bangor Comic & Toy Con


First off, thank you for your interest in helping sponsor this years Bangor Comic and Toy Convention!! My name is Jay Cochran and my business partner, Will Hekesth and I co-own and operate, (with the help of many amazing people), the BCTC.
We have put on 4 very successful events and are working on the 5th. This year's event takes place April 24th-26th, 2020 in the Cross Insurance Center Arena in Bangor Maine!

We have used the ballroom for all previous years and have officially outgrown that space. 

With moving to the arena we are gaining about 11,000 sq ft of space. We are doing a food buyout to allow us to bring in food trucks and other beverages to offer more value to our event as well.
Every year the attendance and interest has grown and this last year showed us that we have something very special and successful going on here. We are actually the largest comic and toy type convention in the state of Maine.
This is a very family oriented event. 

There is something for everyone! Wether it’s the table top gaming or the video game tournaments, cosplay contest, seminars, kids corner, celebrity meet and greets or Q&A panels, we’ve got it covered.
I could go on all day about how fun and exciting this event is but what it comes down to is that with this event comes a lot of opportunities for businesses to get involved and promote themselves. 

Wether it’s having a key sponsor linked to everything that comes with announcing the event or having your company Name/Logo printed on the banners behind celebrities while doing photo ops, the exposure is there.
Last year we brought in just under 6k in attendance and with moving to the arena we plan to add at least another 2k in attendance.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a sponsor at this year's BCTC or know anyone that may be interested, please feel free to email either myself at or Will Hesketh at for more info.

Thanks everybody!